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House of Hope Handcrafted Bracelet

(ended 3/27/14)

Over the weekend I attended a "Not For Sale" event raising awareness about Human Trafficking.  (Read my post about it here.) We also had the opportunity to purchase jewelry made by survivors at the House of Hope in Nicaragua. Each piece is a beautiful, handcrafted symbol of hope. All of the proceeds go directly back to the girls who made them, offering a way of making an honorable income and providing an alternative to the live of bondage they came out of.

I loved the paper bracelets made from rolled paper beads. I'm wearing mine now, and every time I look at my wrist I'm reminded to pray.

Three winners were randomly selected on 3/27/14. View winners here
Bracelets and other jewelry are available for purchase at


First ever giveaway!  

Camelbak Eddy Insulated Water Bottle 

(ended 2/28/14)

I'm doing something wild and crazy... my blog's first ever GIVEAWAY! Who doesn't love free stuff? (NOBODY doesn't like it, that's who!)

And so, because it's Friday...
and because my Let Get Moving Challenge begins tomorrow...
and because Vita di Elisabetta is now on Facebook (woohoo!)
and because I love Camelbak water bottles because they don't spill and they're easy to drink from but the nozzle on mine broke and need to buy another one...
and because I want you to have one too...
I'm giving away this Camelbak Eddy INSULATED (say, whaaaat?!) Water Bottle! 

These bottles are so awesome because they're easy to drink from, don't spill, and being doubled-walled means not only will your water stay chilled, but it'll never "sweat" all over your backpack, purse, desk, etc! 
The winner was randomly selected on Friday, March 7th and announced HERE.

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