Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let's Catch Up a Little: 5 Things

Wowsers... my last post was on Miss E's birthday! Too long folks, it's been too long... Lots has been happening though! I'm trying to figure out how to process it all, keep up with life, and blog about it too! But when I started blogging again a few months again, I decided that I was going to keep it up as long as I enjoyed it and felt I had the time to put into it... not because I had to keep up with other bloggers or to keep the blog stats up! That's something I have to regularly remind myself of when I feel "guilty" for not writing. So while this post is not an apology, I thought I would just write a catch-up post and list a few of the things that have been keeping me busy recently!
  1. The past two months have been filled with family! My parents moved to the area (woohoo!) from Paraguay, so we've been enjoying time with them. Elsie is getting to know her "Beebee" and "Gempa" in person after just knowing them via a FaceTime relationship. (But, we thank God for FaceTime!) Also two sets of great-grandparents were in town visiting. It was a joy for Elsie to get to know them. "So many gempas!" she says. 
  2. The garden is planted beginning to pop! I downsized this year (uh ya, I'm gonna be pretty pregnant when it's time to harvest!) but I still love love love watching things grow and having all of that fresh produce at my finger tips! I've planted tomatoes, peppers, onions, carrots, lettuce, spinach, green beans, and some herbs, zinneas and sunflowers, and this year I've added peas and cauliflower as well. Weeding and watering is the name of the game!
  3. No more diapers... Potty training commenced today! Our world now contains a whole lot of pink panties and princess pull-ups. There may be a "Potty Training Diaries" series coming soon... Not because I have or will have figured out any super awesome method, but rather because I think parents of potty trainers need a support group. Ha! 
  4. A little blog news... my hubby designed me a slick new blog and I'm super excited about moving over to it, BUT... I'm going to be changing my name. Actually deciding on one has been a challenge! As soon as I get that figured out, I'll be able to make the move.
  5. Oh, and there's this other little thing that came up in the last few months and has affected EVERYTHING: 
Yeppers, Elsie Grace is going to be a big sister come December! That puts me in the last week of my first trimester. Other than being really tired and feeling icky at random times, I've been feeling good this pregnancy! It's been a lot easier this time around; I'm thankful. I was working when pregnant with Elsie and I was quite sick for several months; I couldn't even imagine being pregnant with a toddler! But there are a lot of perks now being home with her, like I am able to nap when she naps, or just curl up and read books together, eat when I need to (aka all.the.time), etc... While it's hard to really imagine the reality of being a family of four, we are so excited to meet this little one. A couple nights ago as we were reading on the couch before bed, Elsie leaned over and said "I alova you, baby!" and then kissed my tummy. Does it get any more precious than that?! 

So that's been life in a nutshell. Stay tuned in the coming days for some yummy recipes (my Carrot Cake Recipe is coming soon, as requested!), fun DIY projects, real food fun as I purge my cabinets, a great homemade play-dough recipe Elsie's been enjoying, and, of course, the new blog!

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