Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April!

Happy April, my lovely readers!

I love the month of April (but don't love that it begins with April Fool's Day... especially when "pranks" mainly seem to consist of people making posting facebook announcements and then laughing at you for believing them. Ahahaha I told you I got engaged and you believed me!! Um... yes. Yes, I did.) Ok, end of rant. Like I said, I love the month of April!

Each day when we come in from visiting the cows, Elsie and I walk around the house "lookeen fo da fowahs." And yesterday, we found them! Crocuses, daffodils, and tulips are finally pushing their way up to make their welcomed appearance. Spring has officially sprung.

The beginning of April also means the end of March, and that means end of the Let's Get Moving Challenge (to do some form of exercise each day during the month of March). I'll be honest, I did miss several days during the month, but overall I feel it accomplished what I was hoping for...
  • I'm back in the swing of things! Exercise is now on my mind and part of my day. 
  • I was able to see a difference in my strength and stability from the beginning of the month to yesterday... and that progress is really motivating! 
  • Elsie now knows that Mommy does "essercises" and she tries to do them alongside me :)
And if it encouraged anyone else to get moving, then that, my friends, is the cherry on top!

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  1. Elsie! What a cutie! She is absolutely adorable Biz!

    I am so glad for a new month too! But, I totally agree about the not-so-awesome Facebook status pranks.


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