Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One Week to Go! {Let's Get Moving March}

Here we are in the last week of March, which means we're coming up on the end our our Let's Get Moving Challenge. (The challenge: to do something active each day of the month and write it all down on the printable calendar.) So how is it going? Let's check in...
It's March 26 and I am 16/26... not the perfect score I was hoping for. However, it has been a good learning process! Here are 3 challenges that I have identified that tend to deter me (or that I use as excuses):


1. Lack of Routine: For me, morning usually works best for getting a workout in. I have found that on weekends and days where I left the house early I would about working out until I was heading to bed at night!
2. Emotions: Last week was a rough one for me. Someone I love very much has been in the hospital, underwent surgery, and was diagnosed with cancer. I felt completely drained and didn't want to do anything. I didn't want to cook, blog (everything seemed so petty in comparison! If you look back you'll notice I went dark for a week), laugh, and certainly not workout. I know in my head that exercise is a great stress reliever, but for me that would look more like a quiet walk, not pilates in the living room. Which brings me to the third challenge I've faced...
3. Weather: It's the end of March and yet it's 12 degrees with a windchill of 0 this morning. Brr. It's just part of the climate where I live, but it does make my ideas for exercise a little limited. I do make a point to get outside with Elsie each day and we meander around the farm, but for a walk or run that would get my heart rate up it's just been too cold to strap that poor little girl into a stroller go for very long.
A walk through the hayfields last night at sunset with the little one

And here are 3 things I've been encouraged by as this month has progressed...


1. After a few lazy days, I jumped back into a pilates workout last night, and I was pleasantly surprised to notice a difference in my strength and stability with many of the exercises!
2. I've been reminded how much I love the feel of a little muscle fatigue, to break a sweat, to challenge my body and meet goals. I find I am more aware of my posture, the body mechanics I use (lifting a toddler in and out of the car seat, crib, etc etc), and keeping my tummy tucked and tight throughout the day.
3. Because of this March Challenge, intentional exercise is a part of my life again. That's something that I plan to continue long beyond the last day of this month.

How's this month been for you? What challenges have you faced or encouragements received this month in regards to exercise? What are your goals for the coming week?

*Also, don't forget you have until midnight tonight to enter the giveaway for the Handmade Bracelets (made by survivors of human trafficking). Those of you who have already, thank you for your feedback and for helping to spread awareness!

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