Monday, February 24, 2014

Let's Get Moving! {March Challenge}

March is the new January

It's almost March... That means New Year's Resolutions have come and (most likely) gone, but the desire/need for regular exercise is still very much alive! Am I the only one? 

It's been way too long since I was in a regular exercise routine. I tried to be consistent when I was pregnant. I did a prenatal pilates video program and tried to walk regularly. Between morning all-day sickness and general exhaustion, I can't say I did it every day, but I did make a point to try to stay active... for baby's sake and my own! (Labor is like a marathon - no.joke.)

After Miss Elsie Grace came onto the scene there was recovery time, general mom-of-newborn exhaustion, a move, gallbladder issues (unbeknownst to me), winter,  surgery, recovery time, excuses, laziness, more excuses and laziness, and then the realization that pretty much all of my "reasons" were actually just excuses! So here we are, approaching my baby girl's 2nd birthday (what?!?), and it's time to make exercise a regular part of my life again! 

Beginning Again

This past week I did a YouTube search for "free pilates video" and was pleasantly surprised at what was available. I've done the same one (view it here) several days in a row now, and I'll tell you what... it feels good! I obviously haven't achieved complete body toning or huge muscles, but I do find myself much more aware of my posture, keeping my tummy tucked, etc. And it sure feels good to get the blood pumping and feel a little muscle fatigue. It has been a long.cold.winter. Why didn't I do this sooner??

I want to be healthy, and I want Elsie to grow up seeing that exercise and a healthy lifestyle is important in our home.

However, working out with a toddler around presents some unique (although amusing!) challenges:
"Clearly Mama is in this position to make a 'house' for me to climb into!"
"This is great! I can use Mama's back for a table!"

My Plan

So here's what I plan to do for the month of March: get moving!
I plan to do something (anything!) active each and every day of the month; and because I find extreme satisfaction in seeing my accomplishments on paper, I'll record it all. This is a way I have found motivation in the past... instead of just looking at a plan for what I want to do, I keep a record of what I did do!

Having a workout plan is, of course, a great idea and really helpful. The trouble I get into, however, is that I have a plan but then miss a day (or 5) and then discouraged, off-track, and give up. But for this challenge for the month of March, I will make a plan (incorporating Pilates videos, free weights, and aerobic exercise to get my heart rate up), but be sure to at least do something even if it's not what I had scheduled.

Let's Get Moving: You're Invited!

Below is the Free Printable Calendar that I'll be using to record my exercise and activity. Whether it's a full workout, a few sit-ups or stretches, a walk with a friend, or a competitive sport, I'm writing it down. They say (whoever they are) that it takes 3 weeks to form a habit, so I'm going to do it for at least 4. Join me! 
Let's Get Moving: March 2014
Comment below to let me know that you're doing the March Challenge as well. Let's keep each other accountable!

Finding Motivation

The most consistently I've every worked out (and the most fun I've ever had doing it!) was in high school when my big bro Jeff was still at home. I'll tell you what... it is so incredibly inspiring to exercise alongside someone that genuinely loves working out. He is now a certified personal training and offers online personal training through his business Alpha Personal Training. If you have specific goals you want to reach or want the added accountability -- this the guy to work with! (If you want even just a little extra motivation or good laugh, check out Alpha Personal Training's Facebook page.)

 Alpha Personal Training

SPECIAL OFFER for my blog readers!  

When I told Jeff about this blog post and challenge for the month of March, he said he would offer a special monthly rate for any of my readers that sign up with him. His normal rate is $50/month (about the same as the average hourly rate with trainer at a gym), but he is willing to do $30/month for as long as you continue working with him! To get this special rate, click HERE and tell him you saw it on my blog.

Now, let's get moving! Who's with me?!


  1. Sweeeeet! You gotta read the blog post I just wrote today! haha! I love your calendar! Thanks!!!! Will do!

    1. Wow, how uncanny! I can totally rate to the guilt/peer pressure you spoke of. Glad you're going to do this with me!


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