Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Fuzzy Little Miracle

This morning, Elsie and I went for a walk to the barn like we do on any and every day that the weather permits it. It's always fun to see life through her eyes... the things that she notices... finds interesting... gets excited about. There's always something! But when we went for our walk we certainly didn't realize was that we would get to see a fuzzy little miracle, just minutes old!
A protective mama.
Washing her newborn calf
When I told Elsie we were going to see a new baby calf she responded with "fine baby calf... shtong baby calf!" She was quoting from one of our favorite books "The New Baby Calf" by Edith Newlin Chase and Barbara Reid -- it's a poem with great rhythm and the book's illustrations are fantastic. 
It was amazing to witness the first moments between this mama cow and her new baby calf... the soft moo-ing...the gentle bath... the wobbly little steps... 

Take time to look for the little miracles around you today!

*(We walked up to the barn again in the evening and got to see the calf get weighed. At just 6 hours old he was 96 lbs!)

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