Monday, January 27, 2014

I've Missed This Place

I've missed this place... this little blog. I've missed filling this little corner of cyber space with thoughts and photos, recipes and projects.I've missed looking at my house and my cooking and my life as something to be documented and shared. I've missed writing.

Life has changed quite a bit since my last entry two Januarys (January's? Januaries?) ago. The biggest change is my new full-time job which began in April of 2012... complete with big dimples, dirty diapers, and lots of cuddles.
I get to do my dream job, and this little punkin makes it a joy.
 Life is busy now in very different way than before. While I am home most days... and most nights... there are new demands on my time and energy. Yes, I'm re-wearing yesterday's clothes and haven't fixed my hair yet because I hit the ground running this morning and never went back for a proper start! "Food peeeeease!" Breakfast for the little one, pack a lunch for my hubby, start assembling supper, play hide-and-go-seek, answer a phone call, wash a few dishes, change a diaper, read some books, get a snack, mix up a batch of granola, change another diaper, etc. etc. etc! I love it all, but it's just a very different sort of busy.

In addition to my full-time fun, I do a little part-time work from home as well... Social media, email marketing, and website upkeep. I am so privileged to have a little work on the side that is both fun and flexible! I often spend little missy's naps and free evenings working on my computer.

I suppose it's not my life that is busy so much as me that is busy. I am almost never bored. I love how I friend of mine put it... "I never get bored. Lazy and unmotivated, maybe, but never bored." I dropped blogging when life changed. There is always something else to put time into.

But, I've missed it.

So here I am, back again, for today at least. Writing, because for me it's therapeutic. I find it inspiring and invigorating. It stimulates my mind and helps me process life.

And, hey... if as a result of blogging I'm inspired me to keep my house a little cleaner for a photo, or to try a new recipe in order to post it, or to organize a closet for a before-and-after... then I certainly won't be disappointed. 


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