Friday, January 13, 2012

Nursery Overhaul 002 - Paint!

Oh paint, paint.. beautiful paint.
Seriously, paint has got to be one of the simplest and yet most profound changes you can make to a room. Not convinced? Here are a couple "before" pics of our baby girl's room:
Can I hear you say "blue?" Whew. SO blue. Even if we were having a boy this would be too blue.

Paint was needed. Yep. Case closed.

Ah, paint. You know the process.. you have in your mind the color you're looking for and you think choosing the paint is going to be soo simple but then you get to the paint department and realize that there are a million bazillion shades of the color you wanted in several different brands and you suddenly start to question everything you once thought to be so simple so you stand there for an hour staring at a handful of paint chips trying to make up your mind and repeatedly second-guessing yourself. Tell me I'm not alone. You've done that too right?!

Well, not this time. So thankful for TECHNOLOGY!! I carried my fabric right up to the paint counter where it was scanned, the perfect color was created, paint was tinted, and we were out of there - without looking at a single paint chip.

I'm pregnant. You knew that. But I was just bringing it up again because as such I am to avoid certain things.. one of which is the fumes of paint. Well my wonderful mom-in-law blessed us by spending two days at our house painting her granddaughter's room. Thank you, Mom!!
("After" pics soon to come.)

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