Wednesday, December 21, 2011

He broke the rules! Well, sort of...

Yesterday was a wonderful day. First of all, I came home to a wrapped bouquet containing 3 roses. And yes, last year I received 2. The year before a single rose. (If that's not motivation for sticking it out for years to come, I don't know what is... I'm working toward that 60th Anniversary bouquet :))

Jon had gotten us tickets to see a play in Milwaukee, as well as dinner reservations at the theater restaurant.
While we were getting ready I insisted he open his gift from me... It was a wearable gift, and I thought he might want to wear them out. Brown leather shoes from Aldo... I had seen them and thought "I'd like to see my husband in those." The ones I liked also happened to be on sale. It was like a sign I should get them :) He likes them. Was going to wear them last, but decided to try a half-size smaller.

He then pushed his gift over to me - a meticulously wrapped shoe-box size gift. I was convinced he had also gotten me, well.. shoes! But as he gave me the box he claimed he was a bit nervous about the gift, and confessed he had broken the rules. I was thoroughly confused then... why buy me shoes if they weren't even leather? He had good taste though so I figured I would like whatever it was.

And I did.
In fact, I couldn't believe my eyes.
I had to open the box in it's entirety to makes sure that what was on the outside was actually on the inside.
Not shoes.
Just the DSLR camera I've been wanting for years!!! My sly-and-rather-devious-but-oh-so-generous-and wonderful husband had secretly been putting money away for it for months (he handles the finances and was able to finaggle the budget). He's known I've wanted one. He. did the research. And got it for me in plenty of time to learn it before Baby arrives on the scene.

This blog's pics are going to be stepping up a notch folks!

Oh, and the camera strap has some leather on it, so... he didn't actually break the rules.

Here are my first photos with my Nikon 5100:

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  1. Just realized I somehow haven't been receiving your blog updates. Weird! Anyways I think you guys are so cute for following the traditional gifts for anniversaries....and WOW your husband did well. ;)


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