Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baby's First Christmas?

Here we are... approaching Christmas 2011! Lots of milestones:

This is my 4th Christmas as Mrs. Wood. Here's our first Christmas tree... sent us with on our honeymoon by my thoughtful parents - including presents to put under it! That was our cabin-in-the-Smoky-Mountains Christmas.

Tuesday marks our 3rd wedding anniversary. (Seriously?? 3 years already??)

For the 2nd year now we've drawn names for gift exchange with Jon's family -- and we love it! So fun to be able to concentrate on just one person, and give a nice gift! Also takes a lot of the pressure of "having to get something" for everyone... I never thought I'd be big on drawing names, but I think this might become a new tradition :) Plus, it's like a game -- we try to keep the name we drew a surprise!
Last year I received my pasta machine. Clearly, a perfect gift!

1st Christmas pregnant! 21 weeks along now... closer to when I get to hold Baby than to when he or she didn't even exist yet! Can't wait to meet this little person.

But here's a question I've been deliberating over... When is Baby's 1st Christmas? Does in utero count? Or does next December when he or she is crawling around pulling on the lights on the tree and trying to rip open wrapping paper actually constitute Baby's first Christmas? I need you to weigh in (vote in the poll on the left side of your screen.) I haven't decided how I feel about it yet :)


  1. Well since baby can't see the tree, wear the new clothes or play with new toys, 2012 will be his/her 1st Christmas. But I would def argue that this is YOUR first Christmas as a Mommy! :o) Happy Holidays to you all and happy anniversary too!!!!!

  2. Was 11/24/11 baby's 1st Thanksgiving? What distinguished Thanksgiving day from the other days in Nov? What distinguishes Dec.25 from other days in Dec.? What distinguishes any holiday from other days? If it's in the observance of an event, you may want to ask yourself, "How is it that I observe an event?" It seems to me that our senses are used -- hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste... Even at one day old, your baby will be able to participate in our celebrations by responding through his/her senses. (Yes, babies in utero are people too, but is that your question?) It seems that the recognition of a holiday involves a response, and your baby will do that to various degrees once he/she is born. My opinion? 12/25/12 is baby's first Christmas!


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