Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Excuses and Explanations

It's tempting to apologize for not writing much... but it's my blog and I suppose that means it's up to me to determine how much I write or don't write.
Ok then, I'll apologize to myself. I've missed writing. I've missed hearing from readers who have enjoyed a certain post or tried one of the recipes from my pasta blog.
But I've also come to realize that I need to prioritize my time, and there are just those times when you can't do it all. Or.. well, I won't speak for you but there sure are times when I can't do it all! These have been busy days... Good, but busy. Let me recap:

My sis is getting married! Thrilled for her. I'm her maid of honor (first time ever!) and also am helping with the wedding planning. And it's Invitation Week. So I'm helping with printing, and tying, and addressing, and stamping. So that's been one of my "free-time" projects.

A Shower Sweet: Lingerie Cookies!
Also related to that, we pulled off a bridal shower for her about two weeks ago. I thought I was keeping it simple, but it ended up occupying my entire brain for weeks. I think the shower was a smashing success though: she felt showered with love and support, as well as with many beautiful gifts to get them started out. 

My mom and younger brother were here for a week! It was WONDERFUL to see them, but again, blogging and pasta were put on hold. You may have noticed that I wrote from Normal, IL - and that was while I was with them. But once we got back to WI I just tried to spend as much time with them as possible. Easter was in there too. My husband was involved in planning and playing music for church services (which were just fantastic and God-glorifying), and we spent time with both our families. In fact, I do believe that Easter may have been our first "split holiday" in our marriage thus far. We had brunch with my fam, supper with his. Everybody shared nice so it was a lovely day :)

And the move: we're moving! For the past month we've at least been hoping we would be moving, but were still in the house hunting process. I started packing "in faith" before we even found a place. All "extras" came down off the walls - pictures, decals, inspiration sayings, decorative lights. Extras came down out of the cabinets - pretty platters, TWO mortar and pestles, gravy boat, my fancy salad bowl, etc. Extras were also taken from the linen closet to use as padding and packing material.
Anyhow, we did find a place we love, signed a lease within minutes of filling out the rental application, and now can officially begin packing because we'll be moving in four weeks. I'm soo excited about the possibilities in this new house for hospitality (there is space! second bedroom! a den in the basement!), better organization (closets! storage space!), and being more on top of things (laundry in our own home!). So thankful that God has provided this for us for this time in our lives.
Here it is! We will have the right side of the house with the deck.

I guess that sums things up for now. Looking forward to all that there will be to blog about in the future!


  1. That house is adorable! I'm so happy for you guys! I saw your post below; do you ever read the blog "Reluctant Entertainer?" It's one of my absolute favorites and she also has a book out which is excellent as well. Her name is Sandy Coughlin and her and her husband were recently on Family Life radio for 2 days - I listened while I was baking. I think you'll really like her site! I want to be just like her when I grow up. ;)

  2. wow, bad grammar above but hopefully you got the point. haha


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