Thursday, March 10, 2011

La Mia Vita

I've decided to start blogging about life for several reasons:
  1. I like the idea of blogging.
  2. But I don't necessarily make pasta as often as I want to blog.
  3. And sometimes I want to write about things other than pasta.
  4. So I figured I would write about both... pasta and life.
  5. And maybe someday pasta will be my life, or my life will be pasta.
  6. But until then, I'll write about both. They're linked.
  7. Yet separate.


  1. Hello fellow blogger! I'm going to follow you! FUN! Maybe you're inspire me to actually like cooking...

  2. Hey there Mary! I hope something you see inspires you to something :) It's fun checking out your blogs as well! Can't believe how big your kiddos are!!!


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